Tech Q&A: Bitcoin tips, smartphone tax breaks, getting the most Out of Alexa and more

Echo’s abilities

Q: I have had my Amazon Echo for over a month now. I use it to check the weather, traffic, and sports scores. But frankly, other than that, it’s a speaker taking up space.

A: For many folks, the Alexa magic wears off pretty quickly, and – as you say – the Echo can feel like any other decoration. But before you regift your device to a distant relative, try commands that you haven’t thought of before. Sometimes it’s just a matter of what to say and how to say it, plus a plethora of inventive new skills. Click here for a list of little-known Alexa commands.

Buying into Bitcoin

Q: Where is the safest place to buy a Bitcoin?

A: Now that everyone is obsessing over Bitcoin – even people who had never heard of it only a few months ago – many amateur investors are dying to get their hands on the virtual currency. When any business opportunity explodes in popularity, so does the presence of scammers. In the virtual atmosphere of Bitcoin, you have to be extra cautious that you’re buying something authentic. Bitcoin has a cool logo and a smattering of physical ATMs, but there is no physical, legal tender that you can hold onto and stick in your safety deposit box. It’s best to learn everything you can. Click here for tips about Bitcoin, including how to buy it the right way.

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