The Bitcoin Group #85 – Altcoins are Back? – Classic, Core, Unlimited and Ethereum


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Tone Vays (Brave New Coin) @Tone_LLT
Theo Goodman (Bitcoin Technical Analysis) @theog__
Gabriel D Vine – @GabrielDVine on Twitter
and Thomas Hunt ( @MadBitcoins.


Daily Altcoin Price Analysis: Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Neucoin Stay Stable while DASH and ETH Jump Up…

Amid Scaling Debate, Bitcoin Core Goes on Outreach Offensive…

R3 connects 11 banks to distributed ledger using Ethereum and Microsoft Azure…

Inflating the money supply has always been an option?…

and Predictions!

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Bitcoin Roundtable Announcement Thwarts Bitcoin Classic Launch

Bitcoin Roundtable Announcement Thwarts Bitcoin Classic Launch
Bitcoin Classic, the Bitcoin implementation set to double Bitcoin's 1 megabyte block size limit by a hard fork, suffered a significant setback shortly after its official release this week. A group of prominent exchanges, mining pools and other industry …
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UN Paper Claims Bitcoin Solutions for Developing Countries Could Be
Can bitcoin build remittance systems that will lift the unbanked out of poverty in developing countries? Will the blockchain deliver the infrastructure to provide property rights and financial inclusion to the disenfranchised? These questions draw …
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