One of the world’s top Bitcoin exchanges is closing its doors

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BTCChina, among the leading Bitcoin exchanges in China, is completely closing down, the business revealed on Twitter.

The news followed a couple of weeks of reports that China will prohibit all cryptocurrency exchanges in the nation. The reports were never ever formally verified, and significant exchanges in the nation– consisting of BTCChina– at first stated they had not gotten any main regulations from the authorities.

It’s unclear exactly what has actually altered in the meantime, however BTCChina has actually now revealed it will stop all trading on September 30. The business stated a few of its items, such as the BTCC mining swimming pool, will stay functional.

BTCChina is the 5th biggest Bitcoin exchange worldwide by trading volume inning accordance with CoinMarketCap , and the 3rd biggest in China.

While this news still does not imply that China prepares to formally prohibit all cryptocurrency exchanges in the nation– some have actually hypothesized that the Chinese authorities would simply tighten up the policy of crypto exchanges– it’s an excellent sign that something of the sort might take place.

It’s been a rough number of weeks for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The worldwide market share of cryptocurrencies diminished significantly after last month’s news that China would prohibit all ICOs (preliminary coin offerings) in the nation. A lot of cryptocurrencies have actually decreased considerably in worth given that.

Disclosure: The author of this text owns, or has actually just recently owned, a variety of cryptocurrencies, consisting of BTC and ETH.

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