Become A Bitcoin Billionaire With This 5-Course Bundle

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Remember the Winklevoss twins from The Social Network? They were the rich, handsome rowing champions that Mark Zuckerberg allegedly took the idea for Facebook from. (We know, life is so unfair.) Well things ended up working out OK for the Winklevii, as last month, they became billionaires thanks to Bitcoin.

For the uninitiated, Bitcoin is a digital currency that’s not tied to any country or bank. But the reason Bitcoin is grabbing headlines by the armful is that its value has increased by more than 1,000 percent in the past year alone. Even if you don’t have a $65 million nest egg like the Winklevoss twins, you can still make a killing off of Bitcoin with the Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Bundle. This five-course bundle will teach you how to strike it big with Bitcoin, and you won’t even have to tick off Mark Zuckerberg to do it. Here’s what it includes:

Cryptocurrency Wealth: How To Trade And Invest Like The Pros ($190 Value)

Any dope with a modem can buy and sell Bitcoin, but it takes a shrewd professional to know when to buy and sell Bitcoin. This 35-lecture course will teach you how to correctly read the markets so you can buy low, sell high, and maximize your returns.

The Ultimate Bitcoin And Blockchain Course And Audio Book ($99 Value)

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, then consider this tying up your laces and walking out the door. This course teaches you the principles of blockchain technology so you can understand the science behind Bitcoin and make shrewd investments accordingly.

Blockchain And Bitcoin Fundamentals ($95 Value)

There are a lot of misconceptions being passed around by first-time investors who are eager to prove that they know what they’re talking about. They don’t, but this course will give you the ability to differentiate between who’s spitting wisdom and who’s just spitting. This course also teaches you more advanced topics, like smart contracts and digital tokens.

The Complete Ethereum (Cryptocurrency) Guide ($20 Value)

If Bitcoin is Dr. Dre, then Ethereum is Eminem waiting in the wings. Ethereum has (as of this writing) a $50 billion market cap, and it could very well overtake Bitcoin sometime this year. This course will teach you the basics of Ethereum so you can diversify your portfolio and pad your wallet.

Complete Steemit Course: Earn Cryptocurrency For Free ($75 value)

Imagine if you could get paid to use social media without having to become a Kardashian. You can with Steemit, a social network which rewards people with cryptocurrency for creating, curating, and commenting on content. This course will teach you how to master the ins and outs of Steemit and start making money with the types of posts that you’re already sharing on other platforms.

Cryptocurrency is finally becoming mainstream, and there’s never been a better time to jump onboard. The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Bundle typically costs $479, but you can get it for just $24 — a saving of 94 percent.

You may not be a Billionaire Playboy yet, Little Dreamer, but hang in there. You will be someday. I Want to Believe.

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WTF Is Bitcoin And How Can You Get In On It?

If you have been rolling your eyes and tuning out every time your Reddit-user friend has talked about Bitcoin for the past few years, it might be time to start paying attention. The invisible money digital currency  is now worth over $16,000 (yes, really), and is increasing in value faster than the Kardashians can reproduce. This time last year, one Bitcoin was worth $759. Today it is worth $16,000+. That’s like your Sacagawea dollar being worth $1 million…or something. So if that Reddit friend is single, you should probably consider him a viable dating option, and if you wish anything you owned could turn that kind of profit, you should probably stop buying shoes and start investing in cryptocurrency.

So how does a betch get some of that friend’s Bitcoin money? Here is a quick guide to wtf it is and how you can jump on the crypto train.

WTF is Bitcoin?

Unlike a physical coin that is stored in your car’s cupholder and worth absolutely nothing (parking meters don’t even want that shit anymore), Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that is stored on the internet and worth thousands. It’s not tied to a government, which means while Trump decreases the value of the dollar by being a terrible and entirely incompetent president, smart people all over the world are turning to Bitcoin and its cryptocurrency protégés to protect the future of the world’s economy.

Where TF Does Bitcoin Come From?

Bitcoins live on the blockchain, a magical place where information is shared but can’t be falsified (aka a world without identity theft or The Fat Jewish), and they are created by developers who mine for coins online. It’s virtual mining for engineers, so they get rich instead of the black lung, Pop. It’s harder to mine a Bitcoin than it is to print a Benjamin, so again—worth more than the dollar. (TBH, I don’t totally get this part, but I also don’t know where “the internet” or my need to listen to the new Taylor Swift album comes from—I just know that it’s real and has seriously improved my quality of life.)

WTF Can I Use It For?

Wtf do adults use their Google stock for? To rub it in Yahoo! stockholders’ faces and to put money in something that will actually gain value over time (your savings account ain’t doing the trick, honey). You can also book your next vacation on Expedia or buy your next couch on and say, “This hotel room only cost me 1/30th of a Bitcoin,” or something equally obnoxious.

Should You Fucking Buy It?

I’m a Betches writer, not a finance expert, but if you weren’t lucky enough to have a techie boyfriend give you Bitcoin as a breakup gift when it was worth $300 like I was, it might be a bit late to invest. Shit’s at an all-time high, and some think the Bitcoin bubble is about to burst—but if your FOMO is stronger than you are fiscally conservative, you can get in on the game here.

I Can’t Fucking Afford That!

Yeah, me neither. Lucky for us, cryptocurrency (not unlike the LBD) isn’t going out of style, and new and improved versions are popping up all the time. So if you caught the crypto bug, or you want to play with your money like plays with our emotions, may I suggest putting Ethereum on your Christmas list. It’s like Bitcoin but arguably smarter and at $457 a piece, definitely more affordable (P.S. its value has grown over 6,000% in one year).

Think of it this way: Bitcoin is Beyoncé today and Ethereum is Beyoncé of Destiny’s Child. Sure, everyone worships her now, but it’d be a lot cooler if you knew she would be queen back when she was asking if we could pay her bills.

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Become A Bitcoin Billionaire With This Easy Bundle

This piece was written by the people who run the Cracked Store to tell you about products that are being sold there.

If you’re anywhere between the ages of 18 and 35 and you’re at a party, there’s a good chance that a) someone will pee all over the toilet seat, and b) someone will start a conversation about Bitcoin. You’re going to want to hang out with the Bitcoin crowd, and it’s not just because the alternative involves a mop and ugly crying. The Bitcoin market has exploded like two hydrogen atoms getting jiggy with it. As of this writing, one Bitcoin is worth about $10,000, and there really isn’t an end in sight. You can learn how to wrangle the Bitcoin boom with OneMonth’s Bitcoin & Blockchain Bundle. We’ve got this pair of video tutorials in the Cracked Shop for only $16, down from our normal $19 price and just a fraction of its $128 value. Here’s what you’ll be learning:


Some of you might be asking “But what is a Bitcoin? Is that like a piece of coin that’s chipped off a larger coin?” Well, not quite. Bitcoin is cryptocurrency — a digital asset that’s secured by a series of algorithmic encryptions. Basically, it’s digital money, and it’s speculated that it might be the currency of the future. OneMonth’s Bitcoin & Blockchain Bundle will teach the best ways to buy, sell, store, and exchange Bitcoin for other currencies, crypto or otherwise. After you’ve set up a Coinbase account with an initial 5 USD deposit, you can get advice on how to set up a Trezor hardware wallet — a secure cold storage method for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Once you’re familiar with how to participate in the crypto-economy, it’s probably a good idea to learn how it all works under the hood. OneMonth’s Bitcoin & Blockchain Bundle will teach blockchain technology well enough to explain it to a child and probably most dolphins. See, here’s the thing: Trading Bitcoin in and of itself isn’t too hard. But the key to financial success will be understanding how and why Bitcoin works, as well as the market and investment strategies surrounding it. Master those elements, and you’ll be swimming in Bitcoins, baby! (Which is purely metaphorical, because again, Bitcoin is a digital currency.)

To get familiar with the advantages of digital currencies and the reasons they were first implemented, as well as blockchain’s potential applications outside of currency, you can pick up both OneMonth Bitcoin and OneMonth Blockchain together from our store for just $16.

The system is Broken By Design. But with this course, you’ll be a Billionaire Playboy in no time.

Fatten your wallet the traditional way with You’ll Have Mo’ Money & Less Problems With These 4 Courses.

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