McIntyre Still Optimistic About Bitcoin

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The website of major Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox is offline amid reports it suffered a debilitating theft of the virtual currency.

The URL of the Tokyo-based Mt. Gox was on Tuesday returning a blank page.

The disappearance of the site follows the resignation on Sunday of Mt. Gox from the board of the Bitcoin Foundation, a group seeking legitimacy for the currency.

Separately, several Bitcoin exchanges have released a joint statement saying funds under their control are held securely.

The Bitcoin operators said they are working to “re-establish the trust squandered” by the failings of Mt. Gox, which should not be considered a reflection of the value of Bitcoin or the digital currency industry.

A “crisis strategy” report shared widely online that purports to be an internal Mt. Gox document says more than 740,000 Bitcoins are missing from the exchange, which froze withdrawals earlier this month.

The cloud hanging over Mt. Gox is a possibly fatal blow to Bitcoin.

Supporters of the virtual currency have said its cryptography makes it immune to theft or counterfeiting.

The virtual currency had been inching toward broader acceptance despite wild swings in value.

CEO and Founder of 21st Century Media and Education Group of Companies, Jamie McIntyre has been bullish about the digital currency since it hit $ 120 in value. He has also invested heavily into many Bitcoin start-ups.

According to McIntyre:

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“It doesn’t change my long-term outlook on Bitcoin and I am still a buyer at these prices.

“It certainly doesn’t seem like good news but weeding out poor quality exchanges in the long run is only a good thing”, he said.

McIntyre goes on to explain:

“All new industries have their challenges and weaker players and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that teething problems exist. It is important to distinguish that this is a Bitcoin exchange issue i.e. an issue with Mt. Gox and not an issue with Bitcoin itself. Mt Gox hasn’t been used much by most Bitcoin buyers and sellers for sometime”.

McIntyre partnered to launch the 21st Century Bitcoin Exchange; an Australian exchange founded by McIntyre and US Company International Operations LLC. (

Recently it was reported that along with other investors, he has established a company called Australian Bitcoin ATMs. They are planning on bringing 100 Bitcoin ATMs to Australia starting with Melbourne in February followed with Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Auckland in March. (

The entire rollout of the 100 ATMs is expected to be within the next 12 months.

McIntyre also recently launched the Bitcoin E-Network, which will provide online e-learning educational courses about Bitcoins via a worldwide online direct sales channel, which will accept both Bitcoins and traditional currencies and offer discounts to buy and sell Bitcoins via

He is also hosting Australia’s first Bitcoin Global Conference in Melbourne on the 28th and 29th of March. Following an announcement by the ATO and ASIC regarding their intention to regulate the digital currency, McIntyre has invited officials from the government body to speak about Bitcoins and it’s potential regulations at the conference.

Monash law professor Dr Rhys Bollen will be speaking about potential regulation around Bitcoin.

“If they are planning to regulate Bitcoins, it means that they see a future for the digital currency. I am all for effective regulation and look forward to seeing it happen,” McIntyre said.

21st Century News is a daily news site publishing current affairs in the world of politics, business, finance, and property. Its popular commentary section provides a wide range of content with political opinion, celebrity profiles, market reports/analysis, and educational articles written by business, finance and property experts.

The Key Differences Between Bitcoin And Other Currencies

One of the growing financial trends for individuals is to denominate a small part of their money in the digital crypto-currency called Bitcoin, for a number of strategic benefits such as having a store of value and a medium of exchange that is not susceptible to inflationary measures imposed by central banks. The Bitcoin digital currency itself is highly decentralized because it relies on a peer-to-peer communications network called the Bitcoin network in order to process orders and verify purchases.

Bitcoin: A Decentralized Digital Currency

It is important to remember that money itself is nothing more than a medium of exchange, and for most of modern history this medium of exchange has been enforced and controlled by central banks, national banks, and automated clearing house institutions. Because of this fact, most currencies have been slowly inflated and devalued as the government and central bank add to the amount of currency in circulation, therefore decreasing the value of each individual currency unit.

The reason Bitcoin is different is that it is not offered to the market by any specific company or bank, but instead it is based on a public key encryption algorithm which has been released on an open source basis. Instead of the need for a regular bank or automated clearing house to process and verify transactions and purchases, all Bitcoin transactions are calculated using advanced mathematical equations across a global network of computers that are connected on a peer-to-peer basis. This means that the mechanism behind processing transactions is inherently decentralized and therefore it is difficult to control or regulate by governments, and also not susceptible to inflationary market pressures.

Is Bitcoin A Safe Investment For Individuals?

There are both positive and negative aspects of government regulation, with the positive aspect being that these regulations will tend to protect consumers from industry insiders and scammers, and the negative side being an increased amount of pressure and control from a centralized authority. As long as the individual investor is willing to take the time to educate themselves about what Bitcoins are and how to protect their digital wallet, many are choosing to allocate a small part of their money in the form of Bitcoins.

Another risk associated with Bitcoins is the high volatility in the exchange rate between US dollars and Bitcoins, but many people are prepared to tolerate this change in market price in order to have their money denominated in currency units that are not controlled by a centralized institution. Bitcoins are becoming more widely accepted and are entering into the early adoption phase for individuals and technology pioneers alike, and by doing proper research you can decide if owning Bitcoins is appropriate for your personal finances.

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Bitcoin News Trading Strategy for Profits

If you have traded stocks/equities, you would know that just as any company’s stocks get affected when financial news about the company’s financial performance comes out, the same is true with Bitcoin. It has been seen that any news about the digital currency directly affects the exchange rate, which is why you should bother about Bitcoin news.

Traders or investors practicing Bitcoin news trading take advantage of the immediate and sometimes wild fluctuations in the digital currency and book profits. Thus, you know that the markets before, during, and after the release of a very important economic data or any event about the digital currencies tend to have impact on Bitcoin, so keep track of Bitcoin news.

Bitcoin News from Around the World

When you have access to the latest and updated Bitcoin news from around the world, you can act fast which matters the most for any traders. Like any other form of Bitcoin strategy, it can be predicated on preparation and in Bitcoin news trading, the investor must get himself ready with the news that is going to come out.

Needless to say there are schedules on when the events regarding the digital currencies come out and then there are various Bitcoin-related websites that publish these announcements together with the previous and forecasted figures. These tend to have a great impact on the exchange value of Bitcoin that traders must take cognizance of.

Trust the Reputed Bitcoin News Portals

Like you collect data and information as well as analysis for trading currency pairs, stocks, etc. you should follow the same thing while trading Bitcoin. Here you get to know about the decisions taken by the governments and the central banks with respect to the status of Bitcoin. The decisions and events from the government and the companies have an impact on Bitcoin’s value.

So before the Bitcoin news comes out, an investor practicing Bitcoin news trading should prepare himself and give parameters on how he would act when the figures come out. Needless to say the trader should decode beforehand on what level of figure he would buy the digital currency or sell it.

Thus, the decisions while trading Bitcoin should be based on the latest events that are going to shape the exchange value; this is well understood by professional traders. Portals like NewsBTC can be handy when you are looking for the latest and updated Bitcoin news from around the world.

Read the latest news and events on Bitcoin for profitable trading.

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EB110 – James D’Angelo: Satoshi’s Big Mistake And The Centralization Of Bitcoin

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With over 600,000 views, James D’Angelo’s educational videos at the World Bitcoin Network are among the most popular resources on Bitcoin. Besides his excellent technical explanation, he has also been vocal about the dangers of the increasing centralization of mining.

James joined us to talk about his background as a rapper, the World Bitcoin Network, his proposal to use the Bitcoin blockchain to fight climate change and his argument that keeping Bitcoin decentralized would require sacrificing the anonymity of miners.

Topics covered included:
– How he first learned about Bitcoin and started the World Bitcoin Network
– His proposals on identity and climate change
– The crucial mistake Satoshi made in designing Bitcoin
– Why none of the current ideas can solve the underlying problem of the centralization of mining power
– Why decentralization should be the only design criterion for Bitcoin
– His Axiom: That anonymity and decentralization of miners are inversely correlated
– How Identity-based Mining could foster decentralization

Links mentioned in this episode:

– World Bitcoin Network YouTube channel:
– Article about his Sno-Caps proposal to use Bitcoin to fight climate change
– Sno-Caps Whitepaper
– Bitcoin Nodes and Noses:
– A new mystery about Satoshi hidden in the Bitcoin block-chain
– ‘Typical American’ from James D’Angelo earlier rap band The Goats
– James D’Angelo’s talk ‘What is the Bitcoin Revolution?’
– Bitcoin in Uganda video with James


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Bitcoin 101 – How To Buy/Get Your First Bitcoins

Once you’ve decided you want to buy a few bitcoins life gets difficult. There’s such a mess of confusing options. This video is intended to clear that up and allow you to dip your toe into the bitcoin world without fear or potential fraud. Hosted by James D’Angelo, we’ll take you on a tour of some of the best ways to get your first bitcoins.

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O Estado se mantém de duas formas: doutrinando seus sujeitos para que o aceitem e obrigando que eles o financiem. A Bitcoin e a ideia de moedas virtuais efetivamente impedem o estado de roubar a produção das pessoas, efetivamente significando que o crescimento da bitcoin e das moedas virtuais necessariamente implica na redução do poder e capilaridade do estado.
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Ganhando 1 Bitcoin por Mês – (Técnica 2)

Ganhando 1 Bitcoin por Mês -  (Técnica 2)

Descubra mais uma maneira de ganhar 1 Bitcoin por Mês com a transparência da

Para cadastro no grupo de ganhos compartilhados:


Se você não pode investir em dinheiro físico existem 2 ótimas maneiras de ganhar Bitcoin

1º Pool – Ganhos em grupo compartilhado
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2º Rotor de Faucets




Finding out the Best Bitcoin Brokers

If you are really interested in making money trading Bitcoin, the fundamentally the most important factor you must keep in mind is, find out the best and the most trusted Bitcoin brokers. For the purpose you need to read a lot of reviews from experts and fellow traders about the particular brokerage firm to find out the trusted Bitcoin broker.

Moreover, as Bitcoin trading is more or less like any currency trading because the digital currency is like any other currency in the block, even a new trader can do it. However, for him it is equally important like it is important for any trader to find out the trusted Bitcoin brokers that he can trust when depositing his amount.

Bitcoin Trading Redefined

When it comes to trading, Bitcoin is traded more like any other currency; however, there are some features in the digital currency trading that make it special. For instance, though it can be traded well only by those who know it, even a new trader can trade Bitcoin with little information provided by a Bitcoin broker. Thus, a new trader should find out such a broker.

Needless to say a lot of information is limited with select few people; this is a problem as well as an opportunity for traders to make money because competition is low for now. It appears crystal clear that this may sound weird but this is the right time to buy some Bitcoin and keep them for some time to sell to reap profits.

Bitcoin Brokers that Offer Competitive Trading Experience

Though you may trade Bitcoin like normally you do when doing share trading, the prices of Bitcoin are expected to go higher and higher because the digital currency is catching the pace with every passing day. Its journey from less than dollar to $ 1200 in October 2013 indicates that the digital currencies has great future and replace the existing financial technologies.

Interestingly enough, some speculators and even experts believe that Bitcoin may trade above 20K dollars as well in future given the fact that it has limited circulation. Nonetheless, you can trade Bitcoin and make a lot of profits provided you have the relevant and right information.

At the same time you must also need to have patience to keep the Bitcoin in your wallet for quite some time as the prices don’t go up overnight but take weeks and months as well.

Skylar Johnson works as a creative content writer at Newsbtc for last 6 years. With his detailed blogs and articles provides latest Bitcoin news, Cryptocurrency news, Bitcoin brokers reviews and crucial information on how to trade Bitcoin to make money online.

Read more about the Top Bitcoin Brokers and its latest reviews.

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NewsBTC for Excellent Bitcoin Analysis

When you are trading or investing Bitcoin, it is important for you to have a fundamental understanding of the digital currency and able to do an apt analysis whether the exchange rate will go up or fall down. However, as it is not possible for everyone, particularly, those who are engaged in other activities, Bitcoin analysis from NewsBTC can be an excellent solution.

Needless to say the traders who have been trading currency pairs or stocks or any trading asset for that matter know how important it is to have access to analysis. The same principle applies in Bitcoin trading as well because here too a trader or investor gets ideas from the analysis and makes informed decisions for attractive returns from investments.

Technical and Fundamental Bitcoin Analysis

As Bitcoin is increasingly gaining prominence because of its convenience, as well as person-to-person transaction style, a number of traders are trying to enter into Bitcoin trade and book profits in due course. However, only competent traders and investors are able to make profits from their trades and that too with the use of right Bitcoin analysis.

Bitcoin fundamental analysis involves studying the popularity of the digital currency and government policies regarding the same to determine the effect it has on the value. There are certain economic indicators that Bitcoin traders can observe in order to determine the strength of the digital currency in specific.

Like any currency, even Bitcoin exchange rate depends a lot on various factors; however, as these cannot be manipulated by the governments like the volatility is basically due to demand and supply mismatches. Economic reports that are released by governments and independent bodies that collect and analysis economic data and policy on Bitcoin also matter.

Bitcoin Exchange Rate is Volatile

If you are a Bitcoin trader, so far you must be convinced that the exchange rate of Bitcoin is extremely volatile and behaves like stocks. Therefore, it is important for you to have fundamental understanding with the help of Bitcoin analysis. The way the digital currency performed over the weeks is analyzed in the research helps you do well in trade.

Nonetheless, it is the experts who are going to promise you value in the form of Bitcoin analysis and not the ordinary writers. Therefore, as a trader who get access to the right Bitcoin analysis you have fair chances of making profits.

Skylar Johnson works as a creative content writer at Newsbtc for last 6 years. With his detailed blogs and articles provides latest Bitcoin news, Cryptocurrency news, Blockchain Technology, and tips on how to trade Bitcoin to make profits online.

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Introducción al bitcoin:
Oro 2.0
Criptomonedas para torpes:
Sistema Bitcoin explicado para torpes.
Para neutralizar el abuso de autoridad, se crea un sistema basado en la configanza.
Para neutralizar el abuso de los bancos de crear dinero, se crea un sistema con moneda limitada.
Para neutralizar la inflacción, se crea un sistema deflaccionario.
Para neutralizar el abuso de comisiones, se crea un sistema Peer to peer…
Solo la teoría del todo de Valdeandemagico propone que la convivencia pacífica de ambos sistemas, siendo el ciudadano libre para elegir cual usar, es lo que dará sostenibilidad en el futuro.
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3 Crucial Tips For Securing Your Bitcoin Investment

Taking steps to protect and secure your Bitcoin digital wallet is a very important step for any users of Bitcoin to understand fully in order to make sure that their investment in the new digital currency is completely safe. There are a number of serious problems that can arise related to cyber security if you do not take the proper steps to protect your Bitcoins in your digital wallet, and this article is going to go through some of the industry best practices for making sure that nobody can ever gain unauthorized access to the money you have in your digital wallet.

Setting A Secure Private Password

Your private password is the security key that is required every time you want to send any amount of Bitcoin out of your digital wallet. It is very important that you set up a private key that is very secure including numbers, letters, and symbols so that nobody else can ever gain access to your digital wallet, and it is even more important that you never forget or lose your private key otherwise the possibility exists that you could get locked out of your own digital wallet and not be able to access your own money.

Do Not Post Your Bitcoin Address Publicly

It is never a good idea to post your Bitcoin address at any publicly readable and searchable location on the internet, and especially not to post your Bitcoin address with any sensitive personal information such as your real name or location. This is a bad idea even if you are trying to accept donations because the public ledger known as the block chain holds the addresses for every Bitcoin transaction, and therefore if your Bitcoin address is publicly known than any of your transactions can be traced back to you directly.

Store Your Wallet Outside Your Computer

There are a number of options that are available to Bitcoin investors where you can store the contents of your digital wallet outside of a computer that is connected to the internet, thereby eliminating the risk that a computer hacker could gain access to your Bitcoins using your internet connection. You can keep your Bitcoins stored in cold storage, which means that it is stored on a computer or flash drive that is not connected to the internet, or you can create a paper wallet which will print out a digital code that gives you access to your particular Bitcoin digital wallet address. By following the industry standard safety measures for protecting your digital wallet you can be sure that your investment is secure.

Discover the money making secrets of Bitcoin power users by clicking on Bitcoin Secrets.

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